Is That A Bolt In Your Neck?

Is association with The Rondo Theatre

Toured 2009 & 2010

A Spoof Gothic Horror

As lightening flashes across the sky, the rugged silhouette of an old dark house looms into view. Lost in a storm, this seems like the only possible refuge – but what happens when you hear mysterious moaning in the middle of the night?  Behind every door lurks unimaginable horror….


Compared to Peepolykus and Spymonkey. Gonzo Moose consist of three fearless and daring actors who play over 20 roles in a gripping and fast paced comedy with horrific experiments, mind-boggling love, and a sensational death-defying finale. 

Cast and Creatives

Written by                     Angus Barr, Mark Dawson, Cariad Lloyd and Abigail Anderson                      

Additional Material   Seamus Allen

Performed by                 Angus Barr, Mark Dawson, Cariad Lloyd and Seamus Allen

Directed by                    Abigail Anderson

Set Design by                 Helen Stewart

Costumes by                    Alice Walkling

Sound Design by            Martin Stansbury

Lighting Design by      Tom Richmond

Production Manager    Martin Stansbury

Rehearsal DSM               Sarah-Jane McElhatton

Design Assistant          Catherine Arnold

Produced by                    Mark Dawson