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What The Dickens?

A co-production with Pegasus Theatre

Toured 2012 - 2014

A Dickensian Comedy Thriller

Young Charles Dickens is a rookie reporter on The Morning Chronicle.  Whilst investigating the foggy slums of Ye Olde London Towne, he accidentally stumbles on a story that could make his reputation.  Follow our hero on the adventure of a lifetime!


This inventive and gripping comedy features just three actors playing over 20 roles in 80 minutes of fast-paced fun and thrilling action. Brimming with unfeasibly quick costume changes, stupidly surreal characters and wonderfully daft jokes, What The Dickens?is the most absurd contribution to the Dickens legend you could hope to see.

Cast and creatives

Written by                                 Abigail Anderson, Mark Dawson, Neil Haigh, and Emily Murphy

Additional Material by          Chris Porter and Alys Torrance

Directed by                                Abigail Anderson

Associate Director                  Eyal Israel

Performed by                             Mark Dawson, Emily Murphy, Neil Haigh, Chris Porter, and Alys                                                            Torrance

Production Manager                Simon Perkins 

Production Technician           Damian Robertson

Rehearsal DSM                           Chiara Canal

Set and Prop Design by            Mandy Dike and Ben Rigby

Costume Design by                    Maija Nygren

Sound Design by                        Martin Stansbury

Lighting Design by                  Tom Richmond

Fight choreography by            Seamus Allen

Dance choreography by            Mari Frogner

Marketing for Gonzo Moose     Farrow’s Creative


All song lyrics written by Emily Murphy and arranged by Martin Stansbury

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